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Annie Ryan Board Member


Annie Ryan served many years as the co-chair for the Chicago chapter of Stand Up 2 Cancer, and is now honored to serve as a Board Member for ‘Never Had a Bad Day.’ She looks forward to serving patients and families in a new and exciting capacity.

As a registered nurse, Annie has dedicated her life and career to the service of patients and their families. She has spent her entire nursing career at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a Hematology, Oncology Stem Cell Transplant nurse and feels blessed to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible patient population. Her decision to specialize in oncology comes from her mother Eloise’s multiple experiences with cancer, and she wants to provide the same compassion and care for others that she witnessed her receive. Her mother has now been in remission for more than ten years, and she feels much of her recovery was dependent on her unyielding positivity and optimistic outlook on life.

Annie strives to embody the inspiring mission and vision of Never Had a Bad Day. She believes strongly when a patient is in need, not every day may be good, but there can be something good in every day.