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Our Team


Arthur Holmer Co-Founder, Secretary


Arthur was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and his family immigrated to the United States in 1978. Arthur serves as Secretary and Co-Founder for the foundation.

Several loved ones in Arthur’s family have undergone cancer treatment and sadly, some have been taken by disease. Supporting family members through their battles with cancer has given Arthur deeper insight to how challenging the treatment process can be. This has led him to a different attitude toward life, inspiring him to support others undergoing similar experiences.

Outside of the foundation, Arthur enjoys traveling with his wife. He credits his wife for having a profound influence on him with her naturally positive outlook as to how she approaches her life. In addition, he is an avid cyclist/runner, participating in several charity ½ marathons and long-distance cycling events each year. He feels exercise assists in minimizing the common stress we exert upon ourselves, leading to a well-balanced and overall healthier lifestyle.

Arthur Holmer is the President & CEO of Peter Holomyansky & Co. Arthur lives with his wife, Robin, and their aracari, Zazu, and cat, Kennedy. You can learn more about Arthur at his personal page.