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Our Team


Christina Cervantes Board Member


Christina is a Board Member and eager to spread her positive energy to everyone around her. She is rarely, if ever, seen not smiling, which she believes sparks happiness. Christina feels having the mindset of ‘never had a bad day’ has the power to not only turn around your own day, but others’ as well.

Christina has multiple family members and friends diagnosed with different forms of cancer. With each diagnosis, she learned more and more how precious life is. For her, this has affirmed the importance of a positive attitude and the desire to help others any way she can. Even with seemingly small tasks because to some, those small tasks mean the most.

Outside of the foundation, Christina has a passion for fitness and a newly discovered interest in cooking, which she found learning how to cook healthy meals. Exercising helps Christina begin every day on the right foot, boosts energy, and starts her day with a smile, as every day should.